Bomärke and Pär Strömberg Reveals Collab

As part of its ongoing Spring/Summer 2016 collection, the Swedish fashion

brand Bomärke just revealed collaboration with the noted painter Pär

Strömberg. With his upcoming exhibitions in Luzern, Manchester and New

York in sight, Pär Strömberg has now made an exclusive painting for the tag on

the Bomärke raincoats.


”Me and Bomärke share the same vision to remake and interpret the Swedish

nature and silent landscapes, however we´re doing it in different ways” says

Pär Strömberg when we met him in his studio.


Bomärke has since 2013 created fashionable pieces inspired by the Swedish

heritage. This year Bomärke is expanding all over Europe and are looking for

new markets.


”To have such a reputable painter known worldwide to create a custom painting

for our tag is something that we are truly proud about” says Mikael Lindqvist,

founder of Bomärke and continues, ”Our customers won’t just buy a fashion

piece, they will also buy an exclusive piece of art”.


To see more of Pär Strömbergs work, visit

To see more of Bomärkes work, visit



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